Shop Stuff

Busy day in a cold hangar, (well Texas cold 35’). Even with the blow heater it was not great.
Anyway bought a new large sandblast cabinet from “FB marketplace” for $100. I did put it on casters and raised the height by 4” bc I’m 6’6” tall.
Also build a spray booth by cutting 4×8 sheets of insulation and duct tape, total cost $22. I’m going to use a box fan and filter to help move the air.
My first thing in the San blaster was the aileron pulleys from the control column. I expect the control column back from the power coating company soon and all new bearings and pulleys.

I also measured the P/N 41001 pulleys for the Rudder cable AD also. I would like to find a match that is less than the $150 per pulley that Univair wants for the 41001.

Hardware, Hardware

I ordered all kinds of misc screws, washers, bolts and nuts from Aircraft Spruce. I wanted to have a nice collection of new hardware to support the re-assembly.

These are the parts I bought from Aircraft Spruce

I purchased a parts storage with 40 drawers from Tractor Supply Co for $21.00.

Hangar storage



I added some small parts storage today at the Hangar. Another wonderful Harbor Frieght purchase for the total cost of $60! I now have 100 storage units for cheap!

The Red/Blue set have 30 units each (60 total). Each set was $19.95 so $40 total. 

The grey sets hold 20 units each, so 40 total. Each set costs $9.95 each. They are harbor Frieght cheap, but they do the job. 

Hangar Protection

I have a lot of tools, parts and equipment in my hangar. My hangar door has one of those good round locks that cant be cut. I thought I was protected. 

One of my hangar neighbors told me to get an alarm, because any other hangar door adjacent to my hangar could have a less secure lock on their door and the robbers will actually break through the tin walls into my hangar. 

First I looked at insurance, and its really not bad, $15,000 of coverage for about $500 annually. But that is only paying me AFTER they stole all my stuff. 

I wanted to discourage anyone breaking into my hangar in the first place. There is not any WiFi so I could not use a “Connected” solution, so I needed a more simple tool. 

I found these motion lights and alarm from Doberman Security on amazon 2 units for less than $30!

Doberman Security SE-0134A-2PK Motion Detector Light/Alarm Combo – 2 Pack (Silver/Black)

I installed one at the back of the hangar and one on the hangar door. When they sense motion, the light flashes for 7 seconds and then a 100db siren blares for 30 seconds. 

I’m very happy with this solution as a deterant. I would recommend these if you wanted to try them. 



This tool helped me remove the small screws that hold the covering on the wings that were glued in.

So removing the small PK screws that hold the covering to the Ribs is tough. They are an unusually small Phillips size. I tried a #1 but it would slip out easily. Someone on FB recommended “Vampliers” which are a specialty set of pliers that are srpingloaded open and designed to grip Screws!

Well I can tell you, a couple of turns with the Vampliers and those screws came right out. Great investment to my Toolbox for about $25 and ordered from Amazon. See the video below. 


Owner Produced parts

I found a great video on YouTube that deeply explains how the FARs and an AC can help owners produce their own parts for certified aircraft. The video is 01:25:00 long, but very detailed. Even the guys FAA FSDO couldn’t argue against this guy.