Stuck, sucks

Get out!

Ok, these are the bolts that hold the aft of the horizontal stabilizer onto the fuselage.

I have removed the nuts, but the bolts are frozen in place. I shot with penetrating oil and tapped on them so we will see. I guess heat could be next.

I checked my project fuselage and those lugs seem smooth, so I don’t think they are threaded in.

Elevator cables

Holy smokes, I thought removing the elevator control cable would be easy, but the upper one is buried in the vertical stabilizer!

I found that loosening and raising the vertical stabilizer made it easier.

This is not my project plane, this is a donor fuselage.

Control Column rebuild

OK, Rule #1, MARK ALL PARTS as you remove them! I failed to do that, as I assumed, they were all the same.

Turns out the Pulleys where the aileron cable attaches are different, however there are no markings on the pulleys themselves.

I did pull the Pulleys off, remove the control yoke bushings and universals. The Pulleys were sandblasted, primed and painted. The bushings were cleaned and the universals were inspected and cleaned.

I did order some new pulleys (Phenolic ones) as they are cheap and easy to change now.

I’m expecting the Control Coumn to come back from powder coating this week and I plan to re-assemble and install the control column this week end.

Next will be the Rudder pedal assymembly.

Below are some pics and the chart of parts for the Control Column

Rudder cable SB

As you know, there is an AD on the rudder cables AD50-17-02

50-17-02STINSON: Applies to All Model 108 Series Aircraft.
Compliance required as indicated.
A number of cases have been reported of broken core strands in the rudder cables where they pass over the pulley at fuselage Station 18.75 (first pulley aft of rudded pedals). To preclude failures, the following is therefore required:
1. Within the next 25 hours and at every 100 hours thereafter the following should be accomplished. Remove the rudder cables from the pulleys, bend the cables in a tight “U” where they pass over the pulley, being careful that permanent kinks are not formed, and inspect either visually or by touch. Replace all cables showing signs of breakage.
2. The above inspection may be discontinued and the normal inspections resumed if the following is done: Remove the AN 210-3A pulleys at fuselage Station 18.75; modify the pulley brackets and install larger pulleys, P/N 41001-2, and two cable guards, P/N SK253-2, in accordance with detailed instructions in Piper Service Bulletin No. 114 or an equivalent modification.

So, you can buy the KIT from Univair, but the cost is very high. So I started trying to find another PULLEY that was the same size.

What I determined is there was not another pulley that had the same dimensions. So I inspected my current ones and found they are serviceable and I reinstalled them with the new rudder cables.

Flap handle

So I was cleaning my flap handle to installation on the clean frame, and I noticed something. The Blue handle is the one that was installed on N97954, the white one was a surplus part that came with the project. Notice the difference in the additional notch in the blue one.

As I understand, this is a common, “Modification” people made back in the day. Not sure of the purpose other than adding an additional flap position.

I cleaned the flap handle and sent it off for powder coating and it cam back looking great. I installed it into the frame, only to learn I needed to remove it to easily fit the aluminum floorboards in for fitting.