Bad “Boot Cowl”

Well its obvious that the Boot Cowling took a lot of damage during the groundloop in 1987. The side skins have been patched at the bottom and there was a lot of bent metal.

Today I started taking off all the various pieces so I can get this estimated for repair.

I think I can get the two side skins cut locally for far less that Univairs cost of $280 per side. The two smaller side pieces on the bottom of the “Tunnel” are only $85 each and I think that may be worth it because of the bending required to remake them. I am also missing the tunnel cover and its $160 from Univair.


Well, it sure looks like a mouse or some small animal made a home in the tip of my Elevator. These have not been touched since 1987 when the aircraft was disassembled.

After determining that I want all the metal controls painted bright white, I decided to clean them so I can get them stripped then find someone to paint them for me.