Removed the landing lights from the left salvage wing.


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Will Ware

Will Ware

I live in Rockwall Texas and I’m rebuilding a 108-1. I’m a Captain at Southwest Airlines but I LUV taildraggers.

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Jeffrey Borning

Jeffrey Borning · August 6, 2019 at 8:58 am

Will wrote in the wings section intro:

“I plan to take the Landing/Taxi light out of the start left wing and then add that to the Right wing so I will have Landing/Taxi on both the Left and Right wing. I will then install LED’s and Wig Wags. ”

I think you will find that you will need to make “opposite hand” brackets due to the aiming of the lights.
The taxi lights point down and in. I made new brackets for 6199M for the right wing when I rebuilt it. I got the change approved on a 337. At the time LEDs where not available so I changed the switch to a double throw. Up for landing, down for taxi and center off. This keeps the load on the electrical system the same as before (only two lights on at once). With LEDs the load should not be a factor. The aiming of the lights can be slightly adjusted by adding shims under the light retaining brackets as I remember it.

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