This tool helped me remove the small screws that hold the covering on the wings that were glued in.

So removing the small PK screws that hold the covering to the Ribs is tough. They are an unusually small Phillips size. I tried a #1 but it would slip out easily. Someone on FB recommended “Vampliers” which are a specialty set of pliers that are srpingloaded open and designed to grip Screws!

Well I can tell you, a couple of turns with the Vampliers and those screws came right out. Great investment to my Toolbox for about $25 and ordered from Amazon. See the video below. 


Wing Supports

Finished building my wing supports tonight. I bought two 750lb engine stands from Harbour Fright. Using coupons they were only $34 each. Then I purchased some hardware and square tube and TADA!

I bought 1/4” eyebolts and they are a little to small, I will replace them with 5/16” bolts