While in OSH18, I walked the expos looking for various vendors to help with different aspects of the restoration. I ran across HartWig Fuel cell repair and found them very responsibly priced and willing to share a lot of info on the tanks. 


Basically its $150 per tank to dip/strip them, inspect them, repair (@$40 per hour) and paint them in Zinc Chromate.

This is the email they sent me about the shipping and repair process.

Morning! Will,

It was very nice talking to you in Oshkosh.   Following is the repair pricing and shipping prep information.

 The cost to clean, test & inspect your  fuel tank is $ 150.00 US.    Any work required is estimated at $ 40.00 US per hour plus materials.    Hartwig Fuel Cell Repair will contact you with the estimated repair cost range for your approval before we proceed.  

Following is the shipping prep Information:

If you’re going to send the tank(s) from the Stinson to us.   There are a couple of thing you need to do.   After the tanks are removed from the aircraft.   Remove the sending unit, venting, cap and anything else externally attached of the tank.   After everything is removed.   Put 1/2 oz of liquid disk soap with 2 gallons of hot water inside each tank.   Agitate this solution for 3 minutes making sure the mixture gets all the sides, bottom and top.   Drain the solution and rinse with hot water until the tank runs clean.   Make up another soapy solution and lightly wash the exterior of the tank and rinse with hot water.  

Now you can ship the tanks as aluminum aircraft parts.   DO NOT USE THE WORD FUEL in the description of the tanks for shipping.

With a Felt Pen or Magic Marker write the aircraft registration number on each tank.    This is to make sure we know how these tanks are from.   There are no part numbers or serial numbers on these tanks to identify which aircraft they belong to.  

Packaging:   You can ship the tanks in good stout cardboard boxes.   Ship each tank in its own box.   The requirements for shipping:   You are required to add an additional 2 inches from the furthest outside points on the tank (Length plus 2 inches each end, Width plus 2 inches each end and Height plus 2 inches each side).   If you would like to save a little in shipping.   

Should you have any other question feel free to contact us by email

 info@hartwig-fuelcell.com, hartwigfuelcell@gmail.com

or at one of the numbers below.

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TC Repair Station AMO # 110-90

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