Stuck, sucks

Get out!

Ok, these are the bolts that hold the aft of the horizontal stabilizer onto the fuselage.

I have removed the nuts, but the bolts are frozen in place. I shot with penetrating oil and tapped on them so we will see. I guess heat could be next.

I checked my project fuselage and those lugs seem smooth, so I don’t think they are threaded in.

Elevator cables

Holy smokes, I thought removing the elevator control cable would be easy, but the upper one is buried in the vertical stabilizer!

I found that loosening and raising the vertical stabilizer made it easier.

This is not my project plane, this is a donor fuselage.


Beautiful day in Texas so while the pool was getting cleaned I decided to start stripping paint from the center windshield support.

I removed the compass supports and got everything stripped, next Alodine and prime!

Of course if I’m lucky enough to install the one piece windshield then this is a wasted effort!

Backseat heat

I finished connecting all the backseat heating connections today. I used 2″ aluminum tubing and held by adel clamps. Scat hose used in the bends. Made sure all connections accessible after covering.

Wood work

I made a new top piece for the windshield and the two side pieces where the air vents go. Coated them with Spar Varnish so they would be waterproof.

I was looking at my center windshield post and was wondering if someone had any idea what these 1/2 timmerman nuts are? How to get them out and how to replace them with new ones. Part number anyone?

Kydex fitting

On this first day of 2021, I went down to the cold hangar and worked on the Kydex fitting. I focused on the forward kick panels. I also shot this short video to cover the Kydex work to date.


Time to start working on the brakes. I took the temporary tires/tubes off today and started prepping for the new parts.

new parts

I used a space heater to heat up the wheels so I could get the old wheel bearing races out and new ones installed. I’m installing new FAA/PMA Timkin races P/N 13889 and bearings P/N

Using a Space heater to heat up the wheel halves.

I cleaned, inspected and painted the wheel halves. I need to let them dry before I reassemble.

I now have the opportunity to install the Cleveland brakes that I inspected and cleaned about a year ago.

Cleaned the bore, I now need to install new O-Rings.

This is what the gear leg looked like when I started.

Bare naked leg

Really looking forward to adding all these pretty new parts!

New rotors!