I have always wanted a Cessna 195. The big 5 seat aircraft with a Radial engine and Ham Standard prop has always had my eye and heart.  My LUV for taildraggers started with the Piper J3 Cub. I ran www.j3-cub.com for over 12 years. I sold that site but still wanted to be engaged in something tailheel again.  In late 2016, my father in-laws brother passed away in Carabasit Valley ME. He had this aircraft N97954 a 1946 Stinson 108-1. He had bought it way back in 1983. It was involved in a groundloop and had been disassembled and stored in a dry maintenance building on his property.  My father in-law offered the aircraft to me as he knew how much I enjoy old aircraft and I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to try to return this aircraft to the sky.  I flew up to Maine to inspect the aircraft parts and determine if I really wanted to take this on. Then I flew back up to get the aircraft and drive it back to Dallas.  Plan is to go from this…….to this….. Pictures below!  


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