This is a great Project plane, Why? It comes with Full Logbooks, data plate, one owner, and best of all, clear and recent title. All of these are hard to find in a project.

I bought this aircraft from an aviation foundation in Arkansas. It was owned by a man, who had Some type of landing incident, but before the aircraft could be repaired, the owner passed away.

The aircraft has full logbooks from day one, clear ownership from the previous owner, to the foundation and now to me. So you will have no problem registering with the FAA.

The data plate is still attached to the firewall and the Certificate of Airworthiness.

The incident seems to have been an impact on the right main gear. The wheel pant was smashed and the landing gear attachment point where it meets the fuselage, has a lot of damage with broken and bent tubes. The tailwheel was ripped off the aircraft and the rudder heavily damaged. Surprisingly the wings only suffered light wingtip damage that appears to be easily repairable.

What makes this aircraft a great candidate for a project is even though the fuselage is damaged, I happen to have another fuselage that has already been media blasted and epoxy primed. All you have to do is tear down N97822 as she sits today, and transplant everything onto the Fuselage I have that is included in this sale.

I bought this aircraft because I needed the engine. So I’m selling this aircraft, Fire wall forward not included. (you do get the cowling, I’m just keeping the engine and mount) This make a great project for a re-engine like the Lycoming or Contenintal STCs or you could install another Franklin.

So this is what you are getting with this project.

  • N97822 with full logbooks (Link to view)
  • N97822 with clean registration
  • Data plate and cert of Airworthiness
  • Fuselage with no FWF (full interior and flight instruments)
  • Two wings with light wingtip damage (including lift struts)
  • Horizontal Stabilizer and Elevators
  • Vertical Stabilizer (no rudder)
  • Media blasted and epoxy primed Fuselage, ready to start bolting parts on to.

Asking price, $5500

Located near Rockwall Texas 75087 (Airpark East Airport, 1F7)

Contact Will Ware, cell 214-402-9253,