Cracked flap hinge butt rib cont

Today I continued to work on the cracked flap hinge butt rib on the Left wing. I removed the “Edge Assy” 108-1111045-0 which then allowed me to get into where the butt rib is. 

Removing this was a PITA. The PK screws were rusted in requiring me to use penetrating oil to loosen them up. Then I had to purchase a LONG 1/8” drill bit bc there are about 5 rivets right beside the hinges which makes it hard to get your drill in there. 

Flap trailing edge assy.

The cracked rib is at Station 46 as measured from the root. 

Measured from the wing root
Station 46

There are about 30+ rivets holding this butt rib. The rib is not only riveted to the Spar, but also to the main rib with doublers. 

Cracked butt rib
Parts catalog
Parts catalog
Will Ware

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