It’s finally mine!

My uncle bought this aircraft in 1983 using a notebook paper bill of sale. Then he never responded to the FAA requests to spend the $5.00 to update the registration.

Well 35 years later I’m trying to work with the FAA to get the aircraft registered to me.

We needed to engage a title company, I used ACME in OKC and they were great. I had to provide all the power of attorney and death certificate info.

After 4 months it’s finally registered!

FAA registry

Hangar storage



I added some small parts storage today at the Hangar. Another wonderful Harbor Frieght purchase for the total cost of $60! I now have 100 storage units for cheap!

The Red/Blue set have 30 units each (60 total). Each set was $19.95 so $40 total. 

The grey sets hold 20 units each, so 40 total. Each set costs $9.95 each. They are harbor Frieght cheap, but they do the job. 

Hangar Protection

I have a lot of tools, parts and equipment in my hangar. My hangar door has one of those good round locks that cant be cut. I thought I was protected. 

One of my hangar neighbors told me to get an alarm, because any other hangar door adjacent to my hangar could have a less secure lock on their door and the robbers will actually break through the tin walls into my hangar. 

First I looked at insurance, and its really not bad, $15,000 of coverage for about $500 annually. But that is only paying me AFTER they stole all my stuff. 

I wanted to discourage anyone breaking into my hangar in the first place. There is not any WiFi so I could not use a “Connected” solution, so I needed a more simple tool. 

I found these motion lights and alarm from Doberman Security on amazon 2 units for less than $30!

Doberman Security SE-0134A-2PK Motion Detector Light/Alarm Combo – 2 Pack (Silver/Black)

I installed one at the back of the hangar and one on the hangar door. When they sense motion, the light flashes for 7 seconds and then a 100db siren blares for 30 seconds. 

I’m very happy with this solution as a deterant. I would recommend these if you wanted to try them.